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"I'm a Mac, I'm a PC..." with a sophisticated accent

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    The UK version of the ads... Hoy, I'm a PC, gov'nor!

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    Okay, they still imply half-truthes, but these one's are actually funny.

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    Jack Cade

    They were funnier as Angel Summoner and Bmx Bandit.

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    It's the posters they have with "I was made for the office" and "I was made for home" written on them which kinda bugged me. Yeah, I was made for the office 20 years ago, but now I'm the worlds largest gaming and media platform... Blurgh...

    I wanted to make a set of posters with BillG and SteveJ on with "I'm the worlds largest philanthropist." and "I'm a design focussed egomaniac" on them. (SteveB could have "I'm the world's most powerful monkey.")

    Apple, like the products - loathe the advertising.

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    Wow, Apple have just executed any potential funny they could of had with those two.

    Both great comedians and yet none of that was funny at all.

    I mean god, I don't get that- they have a 'unique' comedy style- surely thats why they were chosen... and then Apple just went and said "yea well f*(k that, here's what you do".

    Thats like getting einstein to do your 5 year olds 'homework'..

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    There's something amusing that all the Mac heads know those two from PeepShow.

    And I'm an old fuddy duddy that knows them from Radio 4.

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