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Is it stuck, or just thinking?

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    I'm install WinVista (Business), and the progress is at "Expanding Files."  It has been on 13% for quite some time now.  Is it stuck and needing of a swift kick to the reboot button, or just thinking about it?

    This is the same machine as before (when I tried RC1 or something).  It did crash with an issue about the memory manager and again with a complaint about ntfs (STOP 0x00000024).  I created fresh partitions and kicked the fan speed up, because last time, it was overheating.

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    Ideas Man

    Are you upgrading a previous copy? I remember that one of the stages took hours (like 5) to do with an upgrade with RC2, so it could be that.

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    Fresh install, since the previous OSes were completely hosed somehow.

    I'm kicking it.  I guess it is hosed.

    The hardware itself must be crapped out.  I'm still getting STOP errors.  The installer for Vista reports that a drive is going bad... maybe that is causing issues.

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