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    corona_coder wrote:
    I went into a Walmart and Staples after we were able to declare Victory at Best Buy and asked them about Vista.  Walmart said I was the only person to ask about it.  Staples said I was the only one that came in today and mentioned Vista.  I made the comment " So Vista has been a flop"  He said " pretty much".

    You 'declared victory at Best Buy' ????

    ROFL!! ... Big Smile

    Oh, and by the way, when you ask a question and you want an honest answer, then you have to frame it differently; basic marketing my son ...

    "So ... how are the Vista sales going?"

    That is a question.

    You basically told him what you wanted you wanted to hear; and he, faced with a man driven half mad by a tiny shrinking market share, thought it was best to oblige you; in case you went on one of the 'Geek Rampages'.
    You know the ones, where you march into a store with a Linux distro, cuffing old ladies around the back of the head when you see them trying to read the back of a Windows boxes?


    Or worse, perhaps he was worried that if he didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, then you may call for back up.
    He'd heard that the infamous  'Stallman Seven' had rappelled from flying distro disks, (because as  any Linux geek will tell you, Linux code can actually empower any non-sentient object with the power of flight - beat that Balmer!) 'and had successfully stormed the local PC World, fighting three teenage female shop assistants to standstill, before pushing over a Windows Vista display and making a daring escape across the car park.

    Yup, the guy knew he'd be in trouble with the manager if he brought that kind Linux Special Forces schtick down on their branch.

    "So, Vista has been a flop" (twitch, twitch)
    "Yuh .. y .. yeah, pretty much."

    As I said

    "So Vista has been a flop" isn't a question; it's an invitation for someone to tell you something that , if they're really lucky, will make you leave and cause trouble somewhere else.

    Yet another example of well meaning Linux folk, shooting themselves in the foot.
    I've often said that before the MS monopoly, came the really dumb mistakes by their competition; here's another example of the same.