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Job Opportunity - ASP.NET 2.0

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    I thought the coffeehouse the most appropriate forum for this due to visibility and the talent that views posts here.  If this is considered inappropriate, Charles and crew let me know. 

    A colleague of mine is looking for some local talent in the Mpls.- St. Paul, Minnesota area to do some ASP.NET 2.0 work on the side.
    Applicants should be local, but working remotely is an option once some mutual familiarity is established.
    Pay rate will be determined by candidate's qulaifications and experience.  College students encouraged to apply.  Use the email at the bottom for any correspondence.
    Here is the text from the job posting:

    My company is in the process of developing a group of three new public websites. Much of the work has been completed, but we need web developers to finish the UI. An architecture based on Microsoft technologies has been established. The websites share a single common database, which is already developed and which contains the vast majority of the business logic. We need developers/programmers to create the web applications for all three websites. A framework for the web applications is in place, but there's a lot of web page development remaining. The UI will consist of typical elements (nothing very fancy is necessary) and many of the user clicks will result in database stored procedure calls.

    Wingenious, Inc.
    1410 Rocky Lane
    Eagan, MN  55122

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