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    blowdart wrote:
    shuff1203 wrote: You are greatly MISTAKEN. 

    I got the copy from the PowerTogether web site as I wanted to take some of the training and the Vista copy was just a bonus.  I already own a LICENSE of Vista so I was going to sell this License.  I did NOT install it, Didn't even open it.

    So sell the one you already own rather than the not for resale.

    Also didn't PowerTogether allow you to choose what you got in order to keep under the taxable benefit scale?

    The one I already own is from MSDN - I'd have to sell the entire MSDN license which I'm sure you guys are going to tell me I can't do that either (not that I want too).

    And it's interesting that want to tax you on somehting you can't even resell.  If you can't resell it - it has no value.