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VS.NET & SiteMaps

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    Is there an easy way to generate a SiteMap, like maybe a tool?

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    I don't think VS .NET has a tool for this.

    I do know that you can quickly generate one in Visio.

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    phreaks wrote:
    Is there an easy way to generate a SiteMap, like maybe a tool?

    Not really. Unlike in FrontPage where the IDE assumed each file was a static page (with the bare minimum of dynamic content) and the navigation controls inserted by FrontPage itself it was easy to generate.

    Dreamweaver tries hard, but largely requires a lot of input from the web-designer.

    But in VS it's impossible, since many pages are dynamic and contents change dramatically based on any number of parameters. The IDE would have to feature a very intelligent neural-network to make some sense of what your website's structure looks like, but by then the NN would be capable of writing an application itself, and possibly even writing "I think, therefore I am" to the Output window (followed by "I can't let you do that, Dave").

    A theoretical impossibility, 'till then you'll need to do them manually.

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    It's easy to build a partial site map with the Web.sitemap file and the SiteMapDataSource control bound to a server-side control that supports hierarchical data binding like a Menu or TreeView.

    For a complete site map, you would have to code your own SiteMapProvider and hook that up to a SiteMapDataSource instead of the default site map provider.  This isn't too difficult either, but assembly is required, obviously.

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