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View Thread: Top 10 problems I had on vista
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    At times Vista is so slow that I am actively considering returning to XP, and I was really looking forward to  Vista. I cannot understand why performance testing is not a bigger part of operating system development.

    My portable is recent and fast. But regarding the speed of copying in the Windows Explorer, it is not consistent at all. It can take several minutes to copy 20KB, and it can take the same time to copy huge amounts of data. It seems ro depend on some external factors. The same issues with the same drives did not exist under XP, so this is not a drive/network/... problem, at least not one that Vista should be able to deal with quickly. The pre-calculation of copy times is always involved when things get really slow. Did anyone test this for real? Microsoft only discovered after the Vista business launch, when its partners started to use the OS, that Microsoft Visual Studio doesn't run on Vista. I guess that answers the question on whether Microsoft's Vista developers are dogfooding.

    Somewhat bitter words from someone usually accused of being too pro-Microsoft.