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View Thread: Bill Gates on Apple's lying ads
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    corona_coder wrote:
    I know about the month of apple bugs.  But it has been proven that it only takes 20 minutes to exploit a Windows machine.  Im willing to put 20 dollars on the line that says a Windows Vi$ta comp can be hacked in less than 10 minutes.  Put up a Windows Vista machine, post it on Slashdot that the comp is available and Microsoft encourages the exploitation of the machine and also promise not to sue or prosecute the people that hack the machine.

    This is the sort of double standard bull that people pull all the time. When they talk about Mac's they say "Oh, I have a good router firewall, and I am running on a non-admin user..etc.etc." and then proceed to say "So can windows do the same. I dare you to turn off all your firewalls, open all your ports and login as administrator and then tell everyone your ip address and still stay un-hacked for more than 20 minutes".

    What's the point of that dare? Of course your system is going to be hacked if you leave it in the most insecure state possible. I just run a router firewall (I didn't really configure it either, I just don't open random ports). Have no Anti-Virus and have had no problems. And yes, I am running on a full admin user.

    It's a matter of knowledge on the user's part. I am not saying granpa is at fault. We are. We KNOW how to secure our systems. And it's fairly trivial to setup. But instead of educating users we go around spreading FUD like this (or like FSF did on vista launch). If we spent like 10% of the time they put into make up FUD, and just making a few pages that explain how to protect your PC (something simple like get SP2) and spread that around on Digg, and other sites, things would be a lot better.

    People who run executables from emails, we can't really do much about. This would affect any OS.

    I feel like I am repeating what any sensible person has said in response to crap like this, but it's sad that I have to.

    - Aditya