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View Thread: Compilers are free but IDE isn't?
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    This may not go over well here, but over at they have a saweeeet IDE for Java called IntelliJ. I hear that they are deveolping a C# plugin (or seperate IDE) as well. The price for IntelliJ is like 249USD I think, and in case you have not used it much (or at all), it is the MackDaddy of all IDE's. Yes, yes, I know, VS is bad *, but much of the features coming out in Whidbey are copied, errrrrr, embraced from IntelliJ. Productivity has a new meaning with IntelliJ. The only thing better would be to have the code compiled as you *think* it. ........ I know, that is a stretch, but the MS camp should be used to the over-hype at this point... Wink Seriously though, I can't wait till Whidbey comes out. I think it will be a while till the JetBrains C# IDE is available, and knowing MS, they will have *embraced* and *extended* the concepts introduced there. But, back to the topic, I have used SharpDevelop a bit (not on any *under pressure* development, but it seems worth using until you can accuire a copy of VS.Net.