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View Thread: Cost analysis of upgrading to Windows Vista
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    Another_Darren wrote:

    Then use Wine to run them, or even crossover office.

    Guild Wars and GRAW and a lot of other games don't run (or don't run well) on cedega, or crossover or any of those wine based things.

    Another_Darren wrote:
    The use flash, the flash v9 player is out on Linux just like every other OS.  In fact flash has better penetration then WPF/E will ever have unless MS finally port WPF/E to Linux.

    I meant the Flash editor version 8. You can't run that on linux. And as far as I know, Photoshop CS or CS2 don't run on linux even with crossover or cedega.

    Another_Darren wrote:
    You're right, but I think the example he was giving was a standard desktop with office package so in the business realm Linux might make sense to some business who can't afford to upgrade hardware for Vista. If they are going to get cut off by MS then they may not feel the need to catch up again.

    Businesses don't need Aero. Businesses will most likely want the security and network/users management that Vista seems to have improved. Also, we are not just talking about businesses on this post obviously (the thread starter never mentioned that).

    Another_Darren wrote:
    So upgrading Vista is cheap if you a) buy a new MB and b) become a student.  That's as lame as his cost analysis.

    Even if add in the cost for this new OS, which is actually a big upgrade over XP, you are still around 600 bucks (250 for Vista upgrade, 150 for mobo, rest for ram/video card). If you can't run Vista, you probably don't have a very recent computer. So what's the big deal in upgrading for the next few years?

    Another_Darren wrote:
    You are right about SP2, it the key reason most people are not bothering with Vista. XP SP2 is reasonably secure and stable is left alone so why do people need to even pay for Vista upgrade?  What reason do they need it for? Aero, they've survived for years without such eye candy, .NET 3 feature are available for XP, I don't see a real reason for a business to bother with Vista.

    Businesses won't bother with Vista for a while. My dad's workplace still uses Win2K on a lot of systems. The problem with your reasoning is that you are saying something quite different from corona_coder. He is talking about Vista. period. Not vista for business.

    - Aditya