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    Seeing as this is a tech site and discussion board, I am sure some of you have a Dell Axim.  I purchased a Dell Axim v51x and have been less than satisfied with it and it seems to boil down to software:

    1.  Why are there no less than 3 programs on here for wireless networking?  There is the Dell program, Wifi companion, the built in Windows networking and some Odyssey client.  For the life of me I can not figure out how to remove the Odyssey client because I think it is the root cause of my problems.

    2.  The Switcher Bar is useless.  Half the time it seems to show running programs, and half the time it does not seem to.  Again, it seems to depend on two factors, the Odyssey client and/or possibly the programs running.   

    3.  When opening Word and Excel files, why does it automatically always default to 100% view?  I switch the zoom to say 50%, close the document and reopen it and it is back to 100%.  

    4.  How exactly does Exchange work on these devices?  I have multiple folders set up for various subjects.  Yet, I have to go to each folder and hit send/receive for the email to arrive to those folders.  Am I doing something wrong?

    5.  I use gmail also.  I know there are ways to get the gmail app version to work on pocketpc by downloading a java client and downloading a file from google.  I tried it and was unsuccesful, does anyone have any suggestions?

    6.  Why on the Today page does it only show a few HOURS in advance, if that?  Luckily I found an add on program that allows me to show days in advance, but still seems odd.
    (Second note, is there a way to have the calendar default to a view other than day?)

    If anyone else has a Dell Axim and can point me in the direction of some of these queries I would be very appreciative.  I have tried google, dell websites, microsoft websites, but nothing seemed to answer my questions thus far.