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View Thread: Evangelists/marketers/web editors/press: why not promote the Vista Upgrade Advisor?
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    leeappdalecom wrote:
    I tell you what, I've been telling every man and his dog to upgrade, if your buting a new PC then it's a no brainer  VISTA, if your upgrading then check out the advisor and do it!

    I'm getting fed up of reading forum posts, from uninformed 'Technical Support Engineers' who know sod all about operating system claiming not to upgrade because of all the bugs! When I press them for a valid reason and ask them what problems they are having, I get a generic 'well its just unstable and buggy' which means they are just repeating what some idiot on their office has said!

    Yeah i have alot of pepole come up to me and ask what i think of Vista and how MS could have made such a POS just because they heard somthing from some one who read a forum post from some one who saw some one complaning about Vista on the other side of the strea. peapole will belive any thing just as long as it dosn't come from the official source it seams.