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What do you want to know about Vista?

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  • Charles

    As you know, Channel 9 has direct access to the Microsoft cockpit... With the release of Vista, comes many questions and a boatload of FUD and misperception. We want to address this by getting answers directly from the folks who thought up the latest Windows innovations that make up Vista. So, what do you want to know? Ask away and we will deliver answers from the people who actually have them....

    Don't be shy. Come on, Niners!

  • Massif

    [credit to WindowsNow]

    UAC warning: A Linux user is attempting to make a joke:
    Continue or Cancel
    -> More Info: It's probably not very funny, and likely a petty attempt to belittle the worlds most popular piece of software. Giving them credence will likely make them continue.


    I wonder what that was all about.

  • cescotto

    I believe that the most important questions are the ones about the DRM and the WGA in vista, like "is there any overhead caused by drm checks when not playing media (drivers polling, etc)" and "could a vista copy disable itself when for some weird reason a blacklisted serial is detected".

  • longzheng

    Interview with Ultimate Extras guys! Big Smile

  • Massif

    How does the natty - launch this app without launching the OS feature work? (Windows HotStart)

    Will we ever get WinFS?

    What took surprisingly long to do? (i.e. what did you expect to be easy but actually took ages.)
    What was surprisingly easy to do? (erm... the exact opposite of the last question.)

    How many developers were killed during the making of Vista? (metaphorically and literally Big Smile)

    That'll do for now.

  • Angus

    Well, I liked the new mark-up based printing technology video, so another visit to that team would be nice.

    Maybe another typography/fonts video.

    Angus Higgins

  • Simo

    Why-o-why... does the C:\Users root folder have to remain on the system/windows partition?

    Why isn't relocating the Users folder to a second drive (that is so easily spec'ed when buying a PC these days) an easy thing to do?

    Is "Apply the following command from an Administrator command prompt if you move your Favorites folder: icacls favorites /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low" going to be the most popular Vista tip ever?

    Does anybody else agree that in "those ads"  - PC actualy comes over as a good guy and Mac is just some smug git, talks ****, and really needs to step out of his own reality distortion field?

    Why is there such a design quality difference between the sheer utter genius (IMO) of the new combined  Start Menu/Run box/Search box and the lunacy that is the Vista Off button1.

    1. There's been some well documented complaints on the web about the Vista off button ( But from my personal experiance.

    I installed Vista on the PC that needed it most first - aka my Mum and Dad's new computer. They switch off the computer by pressing the new Windows symbol button, mousing over to the button that looks like off & pressing it. PC appears to switch off & monitor switches off. They then flick the wall socket to off, as they're the generation that don't like to waste electricity.

    Next time they switch on the computer they're confronted with a big message telling them their PC was not shut down properly last time. They feel apologetic & confused because they don't know what they did wrong.

  • Sabot

    OK we all know about Visual Studio 2005 and getting this as a supported version to work under Vista. But what about SQL Server 2005 & Biztalk 2006 developer editions?

  • ManipUni

    Does Microsoft have any plans to re-introduce hardware accelerated audio into the Windows Audio Stack?

  • fupeg

    I've heard that upgrading an existing XP Pro install is an incredibly long process that is likely to result in a slow system with problems. Is this just FUD, or is there some truth to it?

    Also, can the OEM versions be upgraded? So if I buy an OEM version of Home Premium for example, can I pay to upgrade it online to the Ultimate version?

  • Charles

    Excellent. Keep em coming! Also, feel free to post links to this thread on your blogs, slashdot, etc. The more, the merrier.


  • fdisk

    I'm currently studying DirectX. I know that DirectX 10 shipped with Vista (and only Vista). Do older versions of DirectX work okay on Vista? For instance, versions 7-9c? Or do they require adjustments in the code? I also read that the hardware requirements for DirectX 10-compatible card manufacturers were stricter than in the past. Will this affect existing codebases in any way?

  • dahat

    Where can I find a list of new and improved API's beyond this mini and incomplete list one?

  • Bas

    I'd ask about price differences in the EU, but... nah.

    Here's something: Why is it impossible to import your Outlook .pst file to Mail, Calendar and Contacts? You have to have Outlook installed for it to work. And even then, it'll only import everything to Windows Mail. Calendar and Contacts remain barren and desolate.

    Expanding on that (and this is probably for the WMDC team, but I'm not sure who exactly you're going to talk to): why doesn't the Mobile Device Center support syncing my PDA with Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, and Windows Contacts? Especially now that Outlook is no longer in the Home & Student Edition of Office, it'd be ideal if these bundled apps worked with WMDC.

    Did anything come out of the Microsoft/Novell deal that directly impacted/influenced Vista?

    When will localized Ultimate Extra's become available for people with localized editions of Vista Ultimate?

    Did anybody interact with the Mac/Linux supporters at the Ice House or at Launch and what were your experiences and opinions of those actions?

    More localization questions: will more languages be supported for voice recognition in the future? VR is useless if you don't have an English, Japanese or Chinese UI... You can't even dictate in English, the app just won't run.

    How did they experience the demands made by the EU to alter Vista (which, as I understand, Microsoft agreed to do and has done)?

    A common criticism against UAC is that users will eventually stop reading and click 'allow' on any UAC prompt that pops up, and to a lesser regard, that they won't know what applications popped up the prompt and as such will not be able to make an informed decision on wether to allow or deny. What is their view on this?

    Finally, I often see lists of 'hidden' (in reality just little-known) useful features of XP. Do they have a favorite not-so-obvious feature of Vista?

  • ManipUni

    Bas wrote:
    Here's something: Why is it impossible to import your Outlook .pst file to Mail, Calendar and Contacts? You have to have Outlook installed for it to work. And even then, it'll only import everything to Windows Mail. Calendar and Contacts remain barren and desolate.

    Actually forget my question ask this instead... So they remove Outlook from the student Office, assuming people will migrate to mail, but then give no route to do so? ... Also I find it funny that you need Outlook to important PST files, but if you had Outlook why would you be using mail to begin with? 


  • Harlequin

    I'm sure there was a build team that managed all the branches and merging and all the nightmarish stuff. Maybe see that team and ask the tools they used and how they "control" a project of that scope.

  • Bas

    Oh, by the way, if you walk past the 'Microsoft Fingerprint Reader Drivers' team on your way there, could you do me a favor and twist their arms/punch them in the shoulder until they've started and finished writing a fingerprint reader driver for Vista x64? It's moronic enough that none is available for XP x64, but Vista? Seriously.

  • j0217995

    SecretSoftware wrote:
    Thanks Charles for this opportunity!

    Here are some concerns about Windows Vista:

    2) What is the extent of NSA involvement in building Windows Vista, and does MS allow NSA to place back doors in the OS? How can we be sure?
           - Why shoud I trust this OS?

    Wow, you are paranoid about the involvement of the NSA and backdoors.  Seriously hasn't this been discussed before and dealt w/ ?

    SecretSoftware wrote:

    5) Why is Vista's Activation a horrible experience based on fear? People constantly think in the back of their mind, that any moment Vista is going to stop working or they might loose their data. Vista has got a mind of its own. Who does this really hurt? I think it will hurt the customers who are less technical than you and me.

    People are really afraid of activating Vista?  They live in fear that suddenly everything will stop working?  Is that because they don't have legal copies of Vista?

    Sorry I just don't buy that

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