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View Thread: What do you want to know about Vista?
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    Bas wrote:
    glebd wrote:
    Shouldn't you have organised this before starting the thread?

    How is one going to organize the appointments with the right people if one doesn't know what questions to ask who yet?

    Well, if you are going to gather questions about something, you could at least check if it is possible to get answers. I don't know how Microsoft works inside, but I imagine there are team leaders and people who know more than the rest about particular technologies. If you are playing a host for a Q&A forum, there is only so much you can delegate. Most of the work falls on you -- researching questions, finding the right people to answer each question or even a part of each question, and posting answers. Knowing the right people to get answers from, and knowing that they'd be willing to spend their time on this, is the organisation bit I had in mind. Otherwise you are only going to create more frustration in the ranks of your most loyal users.

    Bas wrote:
    Also, why do I keep falling for your petty hit 'n run attacks?

    Um, because they make sense?