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    VISTA MOVED my USER FOLDER and reset all my user settings!  WHY!?  I could only recover anything after searching and searching, and navigating through a hundred UAC prompts to change ownership and copy the damn stuff back to where it should be.  Regular users will have a LOAD of fun with this bug.

    I can't believe how terrible Vista is after only a few weeks, it is SLOW to reboot, slow to open any IE or any other apps, ReadyBoost is obviously not doing a thing, I have only been able to ever successfully reboot twice, the rest of the time it freezes up for hours.

    Terrible, I am so disappointed, and it's TWO systems, not one, ok. 

    UPDATE:  Turns out I had a SATA RAID driver problem on my desktop that cropped up when I had a power outage, and it's fixed but only after giving up trying to repair, booting into XP (dual booting) and then later just happened to reboot accidently into Vista and everything was magically back to normal.  I guess XP fixed the MBR, but why was my SATA drive undetectable (BIOS wasn't found, it complained - perhaps a loose connection)?

      As for performance issues, updating my system with 2GB of RAM has made everything great, and narrowing the indexing service scope made all the difference in the world.  My lost files were all OneNote files, they must have been lost when the system crashed - on my desktop due to UPC failure and laptop due to battery failure.  I had to update the drivers for power management.  I think the main issue was failure while on battery mode.