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View Thread: What do you want to know about Vista?
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    Of the top of my head.

    The why and how on the new boot maniger in Vista
    Please inteview the group that make the new boot maniger for Vista, why is it better then what was in XP, what is the benifits, why codn't they use a simple boot.ini or even a gui and instead have use learn obscure command prompts.

    The ins and outs of SUA in Vista
    What excatly is it would this alow some one to run some Linux apps in Vista?
    (pleas dont call me names just because im not a Linux expert)

    Sync Center
    SyncCenter is already a big advance over ActiveSync, much less buggin and alot better and butifule.
    Will the synccenter be updated to alow windows mobil to synchronice with mail (or live mail when that is released), calender and contacts.
    I would be neat if it was posible to sync sms as well.
    Does it still support older versions of windows CE?

    Windows live Mail
    Whats new.
    How secure is it?
    Why am i not alowed to beta test if i dont live in the us?

    DirectX 10
    Can we see some bench marks Smiley
    How much easyer is it to develop for then DX9
    Why isn't it released for WinXP?

    New and old UI
    Interface, why wasn't all inteface moved from the old to the new look, like the screen resolution or the advanced systemsettings, it just looks slaped togeather when some of the old windows UI pops up in your face.

    When running vistal installer from a previues version of windows it takes ages to go threw it's steps, just selecting the driver form my sata controlder gave me time to watch a movie, and thers also the step after filling in the key where for no oviues reason the system just hangs for a LOOOONG time at 100% cpu usage befor continuing what is going on and why isn't the user notifyed about this.

    What can WE do with aero?