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Got MicroISV application? Want Zune? Read on...

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    Michael Lehman

    Greetings from the Microsoft Project code-name "Glidepath" team!

    We have updated the Project Glidepath site ( to feature the Windows Vista Spotlight, a list of MicroISV applications that run with the Windows Vista operating system.

    If you are a MicroISV and have an application that successfully installs, runs and uninstalls on Windows Vista please go to the site, click on the link on the right and submit your application for consideration in the Spotlight.  When your application passes our basic functionality tests we will put you in the spotlight and blog about your success!

    And...If you are one of the first 30 MicroISVs to submit and pass our testing we will send you a Zune! (see site for full rules and submission guidelines).

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    Project Glidepath has some free downloads for VS2005.

    The 'Orcas' in-place-editor for VS2005 for WPF, and another add-in to provide guidance for writing WPF applications.

    I'm not sure the original Subject of this thread is sufficient...

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