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    I don’t know if I would go as far as saying “Wal-Mart treats employees worse than the US treated people at Abu Garib prison.” And after all, Wal-Mart employees do have a choice in working there.


    But to address your question, I think maybe it’s because Wal-Mart is all American. It’s about mass distribution at low costs. Its capitalism! If we start knocking on Wal-Mart, well then it would be like knocking on our selves. Who’s brave enough to take that kind of gut check? What’s harder is actually placing your self in check when the competition is already all around you.


    I worked at Sam’s club- a chain also started by Sam Walton. It wasn’t all that bad. I thought the values they expected of their employees where good. Of course I was the janitor guy cleaning the toilets for a year. It was a job and I was great full for it!  True it would have been nice to have some medical coverage.  


    What is the alternative?

    edit- All the smilys on this page- see, this what i get when i use spell check in microsoft word and then past it to the forum? im damed if i do im damed if i dont. Wink