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Prefer the lights on or off?

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    for coding, that is. Wink

    Personally, my ideal work environment is a nice cool dark room, lit by the glow of LCD screens and blinky lights. Offices, of course, force us to work under gray flourescent lighting.

    So, do you prefer the lights on or off?

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    On. I always have the desk light on.

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    Jason Cox

    That all depends. During the day I prefer them on, though not too bright. At night, they go off and the display illuminates the room.

    And speaking of, can someone lend me a bulb? My desk light burned out and I'm too lazy to walk across the street to get a new one.

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    Usually I have my halogen desklight burning holes in my retinas but on late-night hack-runs (proper hacking, not breaking and entering) I have to wear shades when the morning comes. The cool-factor aside, it's actually quite comfortable, you can get the screen-brightness to a normal level without hurting your eyes.

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