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View Thread: Weird problem with external monitor
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    RichardRudek wrote:
    Your probably getting a "beat signal" due to an interaction between the Power Brick's operating Frequency the Display's horizontal rate.

    So if your monitor supports it, try changing the vertical refresh rate, which in turn changes all of the other related timings, including the horizontal. ie For Win XP, 2K or 2K3, right-click Desktop, Properties, Settings tab, Advanced button, Monitor tab, Vertical Refresh.

    The problem should go away using DVI as it's a digital output, but you never know.

    It doesnt support changing refresh rates. Anything above 60hz starts distorting the image.

    Thing is my laptop doesnt have a DVI output Sad

    Also I notice that the wavy lines appear only on certain colors like dark gray/blue.
    They dont seem to be there when seeing a bright color like White.

    Edit: It turns out my monitor only has support for DVI-D so any of the vga to dvi adapters wont work either Sad