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    Sven Groot wrote:
    Rossj wrote:I must be a weirdo because I think it is *still* too complicated. I fully expect some semiotician to arrive and tell me I am crazy, but a quick straw poll - what does the red circle mean? Or the green triangle pointing right? What's with the far too prominent help?

    I must be blind or something but I can't see a green triangle in that screenshot... And the red circle thing, is there anyone who doesn't know what that means? Casette players, VCRs, and even my parents' brand new DVR all use it. Plus if you really don't know, it says "Start recording" right next to it, that ought to be a hint.

    That was *exactly* my point, there isn't a green triangle to re-play what you recorded - but you know what one is, in the same way you know what the red circle is for. I was questioning the need for the "Start recording" text, it seems a little unnecessary.

    But there are bound to be some people who don't know what they mean, which is probably why the text is there - and why I expected someone fully versed in semiotics to tell me that it is necessary.