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Sound Recorder

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    I have a simple Sound Recorder, was working just fine after a few days until just suddenly stop giving sound why is that?

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    SEP2007 wrote:
    I've just got a microphone for the computer and have been using the sound recorder that comes with XP, but it only records 60 seconds of sound at one time.

    Can anyone recommend a software package I could use to record sound for longer periods of time ?

    Here's a fix/workaround if you want to use the one bundled with XP.

    I think it tried it in XP and it worked, but that was years ago.

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    If you're a developer and want to programatically build a sound recording application or need to do so programatically*, then check out the Coding4Fun Developer Toolkit which includes a DirectX Sound Recorder application with the ability to change the sample rate and sample size.

    * You could use this programatically with a motion sensor web cam that, when it senses movement, automatically starts the mic recording in your home and emails you the sound file after some time interval.

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    I miss the Windows 3.1 sound recorder app myself.

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