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Is it easy to find investors these days ?

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    My post might seem a little bit strange however since this is the coffeehouse, I guess I can post it in here.
    I am interested to know how easy to find investors in the US these days?
    I am not a US citizen, nor I live in USA, but I have few ideas that I can qualify as interesting, and I believe that the best place to put them at test is the USA.
    Since all brilliant ideas usually grow at Uncle Sam's land, I am very interested to try my luck too:P

    So if anyone would like to tell me how and where to start, I would appreciate it...

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    Hey I'm not from the US either, but finding I'd say is easy... convincing them to give you money... not so easy Smiley

    Just like you, I'd definitely like to know the latter though... anyone got any input?

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    All brilliant ideas usually grow at Uncle Sam's land? Are you kidding?

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    Hi Foxbar

    Thx for the detailed info. As a matter of fact one of my ideas is nomore an abstract idea, I have already developped a little demo or a proof of concept, surely there is still a long way ahead to be complete.
    Thank you for reminding me of patenting it, u r 100% right.
    Since I have a canadian green card and moving to canada soon, I will work on a patent in canada 1st then (if I am lucky enough) in USA.
    Although u might not seem very optimistic regarding new ideas, or at least this is what I have undertood, I guess chances are always there and we should be ready whenever any chance appears.
    I will take 3 examples: YouTube bought by Google for 1.6bnUSD, bought by Yahoo, and is worth 1bnUSD according to CNN.
    So the morale is that no one can predict the future, the essential is to be ready to catch the prize whenever it jumps in front of our eyes.

    Anyway, thx for the info.

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    zys wrote:
    I will take 3 examples: ...

    Any idea how many sites were NOT successful? Don't aim to high the first time or you will never make it.

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    ZippyV wrote:
    zys wrote: I will take 3 examples: ...

    Any idea how many sites were NOT successful? Don't aim to high the first time or you will never make it.

    I am not, really.
    What I wanted to say is that those sites are not based on complex ideas and years of research, they are not cancer treatment, global warming solution. They are just simple ideas.
    I know that for each successful story there are 10k failures, but that's no reason to say it won't work for me...Perplexed
    If someone has the skills he has the potential, all he needs is to try and learn...
    Again I am not aiming too high but I am giving examples of simple ideas getting very successful.

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