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View Thread: Weird Flip 3d behavior - bug or 'feature'
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    Sven Groot

    geeky123 wrote:
    Also, I dont know whether this too is happening with you or not, but with firefox 2.0 if i minize it and do flip 3d, half the time (not always, but half the time) I see that instead of the firefox window, just a little title bar with the maximize/minimze/buttons on it and no client area.
    I dont know whether this is a firefox or flip3d bug or feature but this is happening.

    That has to do with the issue PerfectPhase mentioned. When an app is minimised, it doesn't redraw, so the DWM uses the last cached version of the app's window to show in the thumbnail and Flip3D. But if the window started minimized, or was minimized when the DWM was enabled, there is no cached version to show.

    It still shouldn't leave them minimized though.