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View Thread: Blogging from word 2007 - insecure?
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    geeky123 wrote:
    CannotResolveSymbol wrote: 
    geeky123 wrote:
    Btw, does anyone else also has this frequent crashing problems with word. I am pretty sure it has crashed on me on every third document i have tried to create.

    No crashes here.  Do you have Office 2003 installed on the same machine?

    Well i did upgrade from 2003 and i still have visio 2003 installed. also i am running it on xp, not vista. could that have any effect?

    I'm also running it on XP.  It could possibly have something to do with Visio running on the same machine...  you could try to uninstall Visio, then run a repair install (from add-remove programs) on Office 2007.

    You could also just run a repair install and see if that helps.