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View Thread: Why do our community projects fall-through?
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    jamie wrote:

    re: wacko:  

    true... but dont forget we are in a lull...
    vista, office, ie etc all released.

    if we new - OR WERE ASKED - to participate in the design of new version - posting/interest would go up

    all we can do now - is wait - till the alpha or beta of vienna comes or ie8 - then we can make noise like before and be ignored like before - only in greater numbers 

    re min: yes it does need changes

    I disagree and here is why… For the longest time we saw a huge amount of videos talking about all these new technologies that Microsoft was working and we saw demo’s of the early stuff and some of the mid-road stuff and now its all done. And this mentality is well now that its done we do not need to talk about it anymore. I mean we spent two years looking at all this cool stuff and now that its done there should be no reason why they can’t show us more. I mean a demo video does not need to show me something cutting edge, it needs to show me something cool, show me something that someone is working on. We hear about all these projects that MS works on internally and we never see anything about them until they are almost done… Show us some of those, we have a new .net version in the wings 3.5 show us some of that. I mean there is a lot of stuff out there that people want to see and now we do not see it anymore.

    On top of that what’s wrong with going back and revisiting old topics; a great example was WCF and WPF we saw all this new stuff and now a lot of it has changed since we last saw it and we get nothing on that. I mean we have seen a couple videos on c++ as of late and why not go back and show some tips and tricks and some cool stuff that you can do with what you guys have been working on now for years. Channel 9’s target is developers and revisiting some of these old ideas is not something we look down upon. To learn from the pro’s is a great thing and I think we need to see more videos about this sorta stuff. I think the ideas minh has mentioned are also good ones I think we should be able to show movies off on our blogs… I think we should be able to make clips and link those over to our sites in an embedded player.  I never saw C9 as a place that was only about cutting edge stuff, I saw it as a place where dev’s such as ourselves could see inside the machine and have some sort of communication with MS.