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View Thread: Question for those running dev env under Vista
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    Can anybody give me a complete install list for all the various bits and pieces needed to get a "current" VS2005 environment up and running under Vista. Trying to work out what the order of which bits should be is a complete head-fart because of different dependencies.

    So far I think the order is:

    - Visual Studio 2005 (because you won't get SQL Express used by a lot of examples if you install SQL Server 2005 first)

    - VS2005 MSDN documentation 

    - DON'T check for service packs (because you don't want any SPs on SQL Express before installing SQL Server 2005 proper)

    - Install SQL Server 2005

    - Install VS2005 SP1 (which may/may not upgrade SQL Server Express)

    - Install SQL Server 2005 SP1

    I don't even want to think about what follows that (all the different add-ins for VS2005) but if anybody can point me to a good blog entry that lists the required order and possible links for the different bits and pieces it would be much appreciated.

    I must say that so far I'm very impressed with the beta's of Virtual PC 2007 (solid as a rock, actually it's a Release Candidate rather than a beta now I come to think about it) and Adobe Photoshop CS3 (also solid as a rock after sorting out Bridge CS3 beta 2 problems as described in the readme file)