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MDAC Vista

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    Can anyone run the MDAC 2.8 for Vista?

    Mine just flashes and does nothing? Please help me out guys im pulling my hair out with users sat doing nothing at the moment.

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    Chris Jackson

    It's already there - you don't need to install it.

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    But wait,  I can't install Service Patches to VB6 because it says it can't find MDAC 2.5 or greater!!   If the MDAC is already there, then how can I get my Service Patches to recognize them?

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    I have the same thing here with a medical viewing application which either wants to install MDAC 2.8 or quit. MDAC installation fails, so the app will never launch.

    I ended up downloading VirtualPC and installing XP on it for legacy apps.

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    I've seen some other message boards where users have done things like copy the DLL and register it in a command prompt and other weirdness.  But I would think that MS would provide a more straightforward approach.

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