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Merging local user profile and domain user profile (Vista)

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    I have been using Windows Vista Ultimate with a local user for some time:


    I had to join the company domain so a new user has been created


    How do I merge the profiles so that I have my bookmarks, quick launch icons, desktop and everything else, back?

    A robocopy? Or is there any recommended way?

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    Easy :

    log as you destination user
    Reboot (not mandatory but can save some time)

    Log as an other admin
    Right click on computer
    Advance system parameters
    In the user profiles section click on settings
    select your user account you want to copy from
    click copy to...
    click on Browser... and navigate to you destination folder you have create at step 1 (c:\users\
    click the change button in the Permitted to use section and type your domain user account : this will set your permissions
    click ok

    logon you domain account
    It works Big Smile

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    Compugab...I must be missing something

    #1 - I can only connect to my domain via a VPN that I launch after logging credentials are cached and I speciffically put mu domain login in the local admin group

    #2 - Account #1 = local admin user with a profile of 45GB so LR-LAPTOP\username...this is my source I want to copy from

    #3 - Account #2 = cached domain account with a profile that I tried to delete...DOMAIN\username...this is where I want to copy

    #4 - I created a 3rd account which is LR_LAPTOP\localadmin...this is the account I am loggin into to do the copy function from one to the other

    #5 - I need to connect to the domain using my VPN before launching this procedure to be able to select my domain user in the Permitted to dialog box.

    #6 - I select the profile to copy from (#2)...I browse to the C:\users\username.DOMAIN and select it as destination

    #7 - I chose DOMAIN\username in the Permitted to

    #8 - When I click OK, I get an error that the directory c:\users\username.DOMAIN cannot be deleted and it stops there

    #9 - Just for kicks, I created an empy directory called c:\users\username2.DOMAIN and did the procedure...nothing happened.

    What am I missing ?  I really want (need) to do this.  Perplexed

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    Ok, for #8 : did you restart your computer? Some time, the NTuser.dat file stay in memory. You should not log on you destination account before making the copy to.

    for #9 : It may be normal that nothing happen : there is no progress bar to indicate the status of the copy. If you have 45 go then let it run. Just check that you hard disk led on you computer flash : that is the only feedback you gonna have. Whene the copy is over, you going to get back to the account selection list.

    Hope it will help

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