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    I have a Palm LifeDrive as my current PDA. At the time I bought it, it had such promise etc...

    The reality is not so good. The darn thing is very good at crashing, eventually trashing itself so much so apps start failing. The only recourse is to wipe and start again...

    The 5Gbyte disk drive isn't worth it - I think flash RAM is far better. It just slows the PDA down.

    I don't know if Windows Mobile based PDA's are any better...

    I found one by Fujitsu Siemens, the LOOX N560. Looks pretty good, had all the things I'd want except...

    The wireless network doesn't support WPA (so I've read).

    Let's see, my Apple MacBook supports WPA, as does my LifeDrive but... Windows Mobile doesn't?

    I have been using WEP for ages but switched to WPA as its more secure - never saw any issues with WEP (with MAC filters and hidden SSID).

    My Ubuntu laptop didn't understand WPA last time I tried it either... but that's another story.