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    Inky wrote:
    hey all!  name is Greg Palinkas. Am an animator studying in Florida at Full Sail.

    my dad (Frank Palinkas) showed me this site an it looks pretty cool.

    so yeah, just thought i'd say howzit to all the fellas.


    Hi Gregs and welcome!
    Glad to see you here. Also, if you've got some cool stuff you've done, you can post it to the Sandbox so the forum members can download and play with it. If you think someting might be of interest on the animation side (Maya running on Windows, etc.), let the Coffeehouse know.

    See ya!


    Note: For those who might find it of interest, computer-based animation sort of runs in our family. Devo Palinkas, Gregs cousin, was a C programmer at Blizzard Software where she and her husband, David Brevik were instrumental in the Diablo series of games. They broke away from Blizzard and formed Flagship Studios where David is the Chief Visionary Officer. You might have heard of their new game to be released shortly "Hellgate London". Also, if your interested in joining this kind of company, check out their job site reachable from their home page.