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View Thread: Dell to Preinstall Linux on all of its systems and Microsoft on notice
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    cescotto wrote:
    ddewbofh wrote: Do they atleast offer support on their "linux-systems" or is it just a clean box with a Novell/Ubuntu/whatever sticker on it?

    They will probably offer hardware support but since the hardware is OS-less I doubt that they will offer support for the OS/OSes installed on it.

    Figured that even though they won't pre-install an OS on it they'd atleast support the kernel on it. Like provide assistance on which modules to load and support on the hardware they ship. Like "This hardware needs this application" or "This hardware doesn't do this yet" and things like that.

    Edit: So Dell is esentially doing what they've been doing for years now, sending out clean boxes, but they call it "Linux certified"? Amazing spin-doctoring.