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View Thread: Dell to Preinstall Linux on all of its systems and Microsoft on notice
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    corona_coder wrote:
    Success is the word of the day.

    Yeah, sure Cool

    corona_coder wrote:
    Dell is working with Novell and other Linux distributors to certify their distributions with Dell hardware and Dell will be preinstalling Linux among its entire product line.

    They're not preinstalling linux, they're CERTIFYING the laptops for running linux. I think you missed the "We don't want to pick one distribution and alienate users with a preference for another." part (no preinstall!).

    They will simply put a "novell certified" logo on the laptop or more probably somewhere in the laptop manual and it will be as much useful as the "Yes, it runs netware!" stickers on 486s.

    corona_coder wrote:
    So it looks more and more like 2007 is the year of the Linux desktop.

    As much as 2006, 2005, 2004 were... sure!
    corona_coder wrote:

    The UbuCon was underway and Ubuntu hackers have said Microsoft has too much of the market and they will be changing that.

    If the "famous" UbuCon says so it will surely happen!

    corona_coder wrote:
    Now that Eric Raymond is on the side of Ubuntu and all of the market demand for Linux Ubuntu will be the defacto standard for Linux distributions.

    Yeah like mandrake was the defacto standard desktop distribution years ago...

    corona_coder wrote:
    Microsoft is on notice and if they try to laugh it off only one company will be filing Chapter 13 and that will be Microsoft.

    Yeah sure!

    Uh... oh! Somebody hasn't still noticed yet that the dell linux laptops costs more than the same laptops running windows Cool

    By the way why should MS laugh off when they can simply... laugh? Novell certifying the laptop means more business for MS.