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View Thread: Dell to Preinstall Linux on all of its systems and Microsoft on notice
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    corona_coder wrote:
    My favorite Eric Raymond quote and why Linux will win the desktop:

    " I know [there's a] camp that thinks allowing proprietary codecs into Linux distros will corrupt our vital bodily fluids or something. My view is we need to get majority market share so we can crush the proprietary codecs out of existence. If that requires a temporary compromise, I'm for it."

    With the preinstallation of Linux on hardware the days of proprietary codecs are numbered.

    Hello there? Linux won't be preinstalled, the Dell announcement clearly says that they won't put any distribution on their laptops (to avoid "alienating users" (ha!)).

    You will have the same Dell OS-less laptops like before that will still cost a lot more than the same windows-running laptops but this time instead you will have a cool "Novell/Ubuntu/Whatever certified" sticker on them. Isn't this amazing?

    The only thing more amazing is how Dell managed to come out with this useless (but smart) idea to escape the "linux pressure" they had on these days without offering nothing concrete.