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View Thread: Dell to Preinstall Linux on all of its systems and Microsoft on notice
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    corona_coder wrote:
    The price is not the big deal.  The big deal is that it will have NO MICROSOFT SOFTWARE

    The system will come CERTIFIED to run certain linux distributions. Where do they say that all of their laptop series will come with linux preinstalled? The Dell -N series are OSless versions of their normal series: the hardware is the same.

    It's surely a smart move to buy a OS-less laptop that costs MORE (more than the same laptop with windows preinstalled) while you can buy the windows laptop with the same hardware spending less and then you can install linux on it exactly like people do now.

    Don't you understand that Dell is simply "cheating" the FLOSS community by having them paying more? If you call this a "big deal"...

    Pratically nothing changes, the Dell OS-less laptops were available before and will still be available. This time you pay for a "novell/ubuntu/whatever certified" sticker on your brand new laptop and it will cost you more than the same laptop running windows. This makes you feel good, doesn't it?

    corona_coder wrote:
    This means the systems will be more reliable and impervious to viruses and Malware and customers will have choice.  How many more will follow Dells lead and also preinstall Linux?

    Yeah because linux is bug-less and the hundred of rootkits for linux are just a mirage.

    corona_coder wrote:
    Once that happens Windows will be gone.

    Yeah maybe if you will continue hoping in a few hundred years it will happen.