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WMP11 Library still does not handle metadata well.

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    There was a brief start of a discussion about this in this thread, but for some reason it died out. However, the problem did not:

    If I update the metadata of music files in the WMP11 library, these changes are stored in some sort of mystical database WMP uses, but not in the file's ID3 tags. I've copied my entire music library from RC1 to RTM a while ago, and half the meticulously edited metadata and album covers were gone when I opened the library on RTM.

    According to the thread mentioned above (and according to this Windows Media Knowledge Center page, all changes should be written to the individual file's metadata after a while, or when you click "Apply Media Information Changes".

    This, however, is not true. Or only half true. At least, it doesn't do what it should do for me. I still have various files that are listed with a genre of "Instrumental" and the proper album/artist info in WMP. If I click "Apply media information changes", a dialog box counts from 0% to 100% and I click okay. If I then exit Windows media player, open explorer and look at the file properties, the genre is "Other" and the album/artist info is nonexistant.

    What is up with that? The files and folders they are in aren't write protected, and I have no idea what else could be going on. Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon and does anyone know of a fix?

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    i recommend you use this
    to tag your mp3s it saves a lot of time for me Big Smile

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    Thanks, but this does not adress my problem. I can already use WMP11 to automatically look up song info online. The point is that WMP11 does not write all my changes to the MP3/WMA metadata, even though the menu item says that it does.

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    Seems wmp11 write ID3v1 tags instead of ID3v2.3 tags...
    I discovered it myself, but googoling it i founded this :

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    Windows Media Player tagging has been broken for years imo.  Whats going on over at the WMP team?   we need to get a video crew over there and get some tough questions asked, send in vinnie jones.   it doesn't support track numbers beginning with a zero, and (I need to watch my language) knows where it reads half my metadata from, it see's things that my tagger of choice (tag&rename) doesn't see and takes preference of those tags and it takes freaking ages to change all those horrible tags.   seriously it needs fixing.

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