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View Thread: The Registry. Why, exactly?
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    Minh wrote:

    The Registry you see today is MS Registry V 3.0.You obviously wasn't around when it was introduced.

    Yea, I have only been supporting MS products since Dos 3.2.

    The regestry corruption problems in Win9x/Me do not justify spouting BS like 'they added it cause they wanted to create a single point of failure.

    'The growing pains the registry has gone through (many of which were casued by the pre XP multitasking model) do not negate the advantages of having the registry.

    People love to snipe at the low hanging fruit.The person who started the thread asked a simple question. Smart-arse remarks provide zero information and nearly zero entertainment for everyone but the smart-arse that posted them.

    I guess we should expect as much in the coffehouse...

    Come to tech-off you actually want to have a discussion.