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View Thread: UK Online Petition to Prime Minister Re USA v UK Vista Pricing
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    cescotto wrote:
    phreaks wrote:
    Why don't you petition the EU to cease their witch hunt.

    Simple case of cause and effect with some international export costs as well; is it not?

    MS is not doing this only in the UK, they're doing this also in other european countries. In Italy Vista Ultimate retail costs about 2x times the american price.

    599$* 1,27 ($ to € change) - 399$ = 361$

    361/399 = 0,90.

    Vista Ultimate retail in Italy is 90% more expensive than it is in America.

    The OEM versions of Vista instead have prices similar to the american ones! It looks like MS wants to force people to change computers instead of buying a new vista, or something like that.

    Unless they have a hidden strategy for losing marketshare I don't understand why the hell they want to force all the MS enthusiasts to stay away from Vista upgrades because of the high prices.

    The additional problem here  for MS is that the high price & losing sales is   self perpetuating[6]. That is, as  an IT Manager, if I'm not willing to pay for the upgrade, I cannot go through the pain barrier or learning process of the new OS. As a result, I'm more likely to advise colleagues and friends to stick with XP (nevermind the implications for the company I work for).