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    Bas wrote:
     TommyCarlier wrote: Ddewbofh (how do you pronounce that?), I agree. The term "geek" usually has a negative connotation, when uttered by non-geeks.Where I live (and possibly where you live) we have a term for that sort of word. "Geuzen"-name, or a name that is first meant as an insult, but then adopted by the group of people it is meant to apply to, and subsequently turned into a name of pride.I guess it's sort of similar to '(I need to watch my language)' for certain black people, or 'freak' in certain alternative subcultures.
    Yeah, that's sort of how I meant it. It's an insult that's been turned into a badge of honour by the group it's referring to. And who can deny the awesome writing that is the early stories of "B@stard Operator From Hell"? Smiley

    Edit: Appearantly I need to watch my language, hope noone is offended by my obfuscation Smiley