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What's a "geek"?

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    Ian wrote:
    But then again, that probably makes him a nerd.

    Ewww, who wants to be a nerd........ Tongue Out

    And I heard about the new Star Trek movie on one of the Star Trek podcasts I listen to. I hardly listen to radio like I used to. It's all podcasts now.
    Any .Net Rocks fans out here? Or the irregular spin-off Mondays?

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    Ian wrote:
    If you are not sure whether you are geek or not, ask yourself just how much you are looking forward to 25th December 2008.  (If you can hardly contain yourself then you are a geek)

    I am definitely looking for Dec-20th-2008 (not 25th), because, thats the day of re-charging my mobile currency for have talk-time. Big Smile

    But 25th, other than Christmas, what you see?

    WOW, Star Trek - The Movie? I loved that serial in my childhoods. Big Smile, now seeing it on the big screen.

    And 2008-DEC is the time for new Bond movie (which I read in the article after Casino Royale, Shooting already began.) Cool

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