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Weirdness with Vista Shutdown

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    Has anyone else seen this?

    Occasionally when shutting down the PC, I'll set it to sleep and leave it to hibernate by itself (as normal.) What happens is that once it decides to hibernate it appears to turn itself off, then turn itself back on again before going to sleep a few minutes later as normal. (I've set it to go to sleep pretty damn rapidly as it's noisy, and I don't want it humming along to itself for hours after recording TV.)

    What's with the turning itself back on again bit though? Anyone else seen that?

    Fortunately it always goes to hibernate properly the second time around.

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    My PC snores sometimes, any idea as to how to get it to stop?  It's keeping me up at night!

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    My laptop is going to sleep, up, sleep, up, sleep, up, ... in our student digg. I suppose it is woken up by the network. Don't know if that's the same with yours?

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    I doubt it, I don't think WOL is on - and the only thing on the network is the PSP. Plus it only ever does it once, it's an idea though, I shall have to check WOL settings when I get home.

    Although that did remind me of the time my parents' PC was waking up randomly, all because they had WOL set on, and an external modem. Every time anyone phoned the computer turned on.

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    Hm I have the same issue, when putting my pc in hibernate, once it's powered down inmediatly it powers up again? I coudn't figure out what the problem was.. so I kinda lived with it. The weird thing though is that it doens't always happen, and not always the same time, sometimes it takes about 20/30 seconds to power up again, and sometimes it's inmediatly Perplexed

    I would love to know if there's a solution to this vague issue.

    btw: I know for sure WOL is not turned on in my network

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    I have similar issue with Vista too.

    Currently(!) my laptop can't go to bed if power cord is connected. If I'm disconnecting power cord and sending him to sleep, it sleeps well.

    Also power cord disconnection during sleep (if it happened) causing laptop to wake up.

    PS: Looks like "High Performance" power profile preventing laptop to sleep correctly.

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