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    Jack Poison

    Bas wrote:
    sirhomer wrote: Maybe Microsoft should counter it (or pay the OEMs to do it)? Microsoft has the OEMs by the balls, I'm sure they would love to all switch to a free and infinitely configurable desktop OS in the future, instead of promoting someone elses product.

    Wouldn't they still be promoting someone else's product, then? I mean, unless Dell made DellOS, that is.

    Anyway, relevance to the topic?

    Well considering Dell doesn't make Video Cards, Processors and the like, they often indirectly promote those items when comparing it to another computer, not unlike the Gateway Profile 4 XL commercial, where it did backflips over an iMac.

    I really have come to the conclusion that Apple just doesn't care about the masses, just businesses. If they can add a few programs like Texas Hold'em and more people buy PCs, so much the better. I should qualify that by saying Microsoft has not put great resources into the masses: sure, they have Movie Maker. DVD Maker, etc.. But, they have only put significant resources into Businesses and Developers.  And now, they're losing on the Development front as Macs / Adobe becomes the defacto standard of web development. Not counting intranet apps, of course.

    I really hope MS will prove me wrong. But, so far, they haven't.