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    sirhomer wrote:
    Jack Poison wrote: What I don't get is why the video doesn't elaborate WHY people think Vista is hard and such to install: Apple commercials.

    I'd love to know why Microsoft / Dell / HP / etc. aren't countering with "no, it's 10% truth, that they're saying happens 100% of the time". No, I don't necessarily have to upgrade my PC to run Vista (just my Wireless Router). No, I don't have a secret service dude asking me if I want to really IM some each time I send a message.

    This stuff is plainly false, yet no company has the balls to counter it. I wonder why.

    Maybe Microsoft should counter it (or pay the OEMs to do it)? Microsoft has the OEMs by the balls, I'm sure they would love to all switch to a free and infinitely configurable desktop OS in the future, instead of promoting someone elses product.

    Why counter it? Customers are smart enough to see it for the petty attack that it is. There's no reason to dignify it with a response that only appears just as petty.

    Vista is quality software. It doesn't need to attack any other vendor to demonstrate its worth.