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    foxbar wrote:
    Apparently XP will be supported until 2014. By the time people have to get a new system due to security concerns, the free software competition will be more than adequate for most people. A lot of people will never have to upgrade to Vista in this current cycle to 2014. That's just a fact. If you think sales are dipping dramatically now from Win95, just wait until 2010. Dealing with stats you have to look at the reputation of the company. Many stat companies have been known to take money from MS and others to provide services. Gartner has consistently provided Windows positive opinion based statistics. I don't think CNET would have a reason though to provide opinionated facts either way, so I have no problem believing those numbers.

    So the Year of Linux on the Desktop has been postponed until 2014. Outstanding. Perplexed

    Anyway, I'm sure the sales figures are correct, but given the high price of Vista, this is hardly surprising. The difference is that during the days of Windows95 and 98, Microsoft was alot more focussed on retail, which is partially the cause of the unchecked piracy they seem to think they're suffering from.

    Now they really want folk to buy Vista when they buy a new machine