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    foxbar wrote:
    Bas, the math is simple. It's a downward trend, Win98 had 580k in it's first month down to 400k for XP which is a 32% drop. Next Vista had a 60% drop from XP, so that would make Vista's first month sales figures around 240k. If you plotted the degeneration of sales from Windows 95 all the way to Vista, it could be very interesting. Maybe Bob X Cringley can do a piece on it.

    Oh absolutely, it's a downward trend. You could explain that as "people are ditching Windows", or as "Windows is getting so much better all the time that people have no desire to change OSes." It's just impossible to distill any meaning from those figures other than "They sold less than last time." Cause and consequence are impossible to determine.

    Anyway, my math is just as simple. Vista sold almost as much in 8 days as Windows 98 sold in an entire month. It's right there in the quote. It's just the way you phrase it and what message you are trying to get across. That works both ways. After all, Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, right? Or does that rule not apply when using statistics to point out something negative about Microsoft products?