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    Bas wrote:
    foxbar wrote: - All this info is available on Google. "Retailers sold 250,000 copies of Windows XP in November, its first full month of availability, down from 400,000 in October. The October sales account for six days on store shelves plus preorders. By contrast, consumers snapped up 580,000 copies of Windows 98 during its first month on store shelves and 350,000 during the following 30 days."

    So Vista sold 400,000 copies in 8 days where Windows 98 only sold 180,000 more but had to take an entire month to do it? Not bad...

    Oops, I read that badly eh?

    Given the figures are so high how can people reasonably complain that it is doing so badly?  Sure it isn't doing as well as XP, but it still isn't bad - is it?