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    Very nice, and I agree with the other observations for the css.

    Just a few questions please?

    Why are you using xhtml 1.0 strict with a MIME/media type set to text/html? IMHO, xhtml should only be used if you're plugging in other xml namespaces, i.e MathML, ChemML, SVG, etc. into the web page. Also, you must serve all xhtml DTD's with a MIME/media type of application/xhtml+xml. I didn't see any xml plugins in the page, therefore my question.

    My reasoning is that xhtml is only to be used for its modular purposes, as mentioned above, and not as a whip to write so-called "strict" markup. All markup should be written properly, semantically correct and fully accessible by assistive devices regardless of the DTD it falls under.

    Using HTML 4.01 Strict will serve the same purpose. The only change you'll have to make is "opening" up the link and meta element tags in the head section.

    HTH Big Smile