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Current driver state in Vista and glitch-free experience?

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    I have been running Vista for a few weeks now, and im overall happy.

    Theres (quite) a few issues with Vs05 still, but i guess it will be fixed sooner or later.

    But something sadens me.

    I have a quite good machine. Its a dualcore C2D E6700, with 2gb of ram, 7900 GT OC, and a high-end soundcard from creative(x-fi).

    In xp, it ran FANTASTIC!

    But in Vista i have experienced quite a few glitches. Especially in games and when i play music. When i have heavy harddrive usage it doesnt make it any better. Actually it only makes the matter worse.
    When i zip out like a large file(2gb+) to the harddrive, while i listen to music, or play a 3D game(Not a game that takes alot of cpu/whatever), my computer becomes unusable.
    I still have at least 10% ram, and neither of my cores run at 100% load(Both cores run at 2.66ghz, which is really sweet!)

    In XP, i were able to run music, 3d game and several winzip's opening large files(Again, 2gb+), and i wouldnt notice.

    But this is not the case in vista, sadly.

    I guess the drivers is one of the reasons.
    Looking at creative and nvidia's site, the drivers is still beta drivers.
    The driver platform were supposed to be lots better now. And still, we see that after 4 months where vista have been RTM, they havent managed to optimize the drivers enough to take them out of beta.

    Im very happy about the stabillity of the system, which were a huge problem for me because of drivers(Xp x64).

    What happend to the dream of a glitch-fre experience? Maybe its time to re-visit the driver/experience team, and hear how they think it all turned out, what they heard from customeers, the hardware companies, and which things they are gonna change in the time to come, in order to reach the goal of a totally glitch-free experience?

    Again, im very happy about Vista itself. It do use alot of ram for superfetch etc(It uses 1gb of my 2gb on startup, but load-times is fantastic), and i hardly use 100% cpu time at any point.

    What your experience with Vista? Smiley

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    Sven Groot

    The only 3D game I play in Vista is TrackMania Nations, which although it runs a little slower than in XP does run glitch free (well, aside from the glitches caused by a lousy server connection but that's hardly Vista's fault). It does on occasion crash the GPU driver but so far it's always managed to recover.

    I do get music glitches especially during heavy I/O, although not as bad as it used to be. But I do recall reading somewhere that the glitches with Creative's drivers are worse on dual core machines (don't know for certain though).

    But overall it's good enough. XP is now only used for one thing on my machine: watching DVDs (because SPDIF still doesn't work in Vista).

    My specs: AMD Athlon64 3000+, 2GB RAM, nForce4 mobo, GeForce 6600GT, Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic.

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    Well, I ended up getting a laptop with ATI video to run Vista on, and I was a little bummed about it being ATI knowing their crappy drivers. But with Vista they did a miraculous thing and now its NVIDIA with the crappy drivers.  But yeah, if you have an ATI card you get a very good experience on Vista right now, generally.

    I've been playing Oblivion on Vista lately and it has been performing very well, I've removed my XP install because I no longer have a need for it to play games.

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    The drivers have saddened me as well. ATI only reciently added OpenGL support, and while Vista recovers nicely after a GPU crash, it is still annoying. Creative's driver support has always been crappy, and I am surprised that it's taken this long for them to get their stuff in order. But I see it getting better as time goes on. Intel seemed to have been on the ball with their drivers from the start, even with their wireless offerings. Kudos to them.

    Aside from the games though, I do find it to be rather soild. I run the 64bit version with 4GB of RAM doing testing and evaluations in VMWare. Being able to run 5-6 virtual machines simultaneously with reasonable performance is just fantastic.

    I also notice that I rarely reboot as often. My laptop hibernates quickly, (much more so than XP) and my desktop rarely needs to restart for much.

    Oh, and the must debated UAC is justified in my mind. I installed the new game Supreme Commander, which played fine for a few days. Installed the released patch, and suddenly I'm being prompted to run a SecurROM Shell Extension signed by Sony. UAC prompted me asking if I wanted to give it rights, and I replied with a "hell no." On Windows XP, it would have run without my knowladge. Thanks Vista! Big Smile

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    Actually just had my first driver crash. Sadly it took a few minuts where my computer were unusable(By that time most would have hard-rebooted). But im happy that i were able to use the computer right away afterwards.

    Charles, are you gonna visit the team that have to do with this, please? Big Smile

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    It seems like day for day, the drivers are just running worse.
    Today i counted 6 crashes with nvidia's driver. 1 resulting in a BSOD!

    This is more of an issue then i first thought of.

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    Sven Groot

    It's actually been going rather well for me lately.

    Anyway, you can submit a bug report at nVidia here. Not that I think it'll help, but still. Smiley

    And Creative released a new driver a few days ago. I haven't tested it myself yet, but it might be better.

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    My Acer Ferrari 4005 runs Vista pretty snapily. I have all the hardware except for the card reader up and running. But I'm having severe problems with sleep/hibernate.

    It seems it will only sleep properly roughly 2/3 of the time, the other occasions it will not  shut down. The screen goes off, it becomes unresponsive to the keyboard, but the power stays on and if anything the fan starts running faster than normal.

    If I hold down the power button for a few seconds it will turn off, but the next time I start it up it does not boot correctly, instead it just beeps very loudly. One long beep followed by two short beeps, repeating. I've tried to look this up but all I can seem to find is that it is related to the graphics system.

    I hold down the power button again to turn it off, and on once more starting it up it will cold boot normally, with the "windows was not  shut down correctly" boot message.

    Any hints for troubleshooting this problem?

    I like running Vista on this machine, but at the moment I just can't trust leaving any program running when I go to close the lid.

    My desktop system had been bluescreening about every 3 days, but it seems to be more stable now, I think since I upgraded the drivers for my Hauppauge HVR1300 TV tuner card. Its now been up for 9 days without issue.

    My favourite feature at the moment is Remote Desktop Composition.
    Its pretty cool to be able to use Flip3D over RDP, it almost gets confusing which computer is which.

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    Sven Groot

    Hmm, the new Creative drivers completely broke my analog output. There's zero sound on the analog outputs, no matter what speaker setting. PCM digital output still works. AC3 passthrough still doesn't work, but I've given up on that.

    What worries me most is the file name for these drivers no longer contains the word "beta". So apparently, these count as release quality for Creative.

    Sigh... Sad

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    Sven Groot

    It's amazing!

    I removed and reinstalled the drivers which solved the analog output issue, which is good. Then I decided to actually test SPDIF passthrough; the release notes still say it's not supposed to work on x64, but that hasn't stopped me from trying with every previous version, and it wouldn't stop me now.

    And it works! As I type this, I have a DVD playing in PowerDVD7, and SPDIF passthrough works perfectly.

    After two years (including the betas) of having to reboot into XP to watch DVDs, I can finally, finally do it in Vista.

    I'm happy now. Smiley

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    Sven Groot

    Just to prove I'm not lying, I present the most pointless YouTube video ever:

    Just to clarify, when the status display on my speaker set says "Effect: DD Digital" (except with the Dolby logo instead of two D's), it means it's using AC3 passthrough over SPDIF. Up till today, that only worked in Windows Media Center; now thanks to the driver update it also works in WMP and (as you can see PowerDVD).

    The video also features DreamScene.

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