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View Thread: Current driver state in Vista and glitch-free experience?
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    I have been running Vista for a few weeks now, and im overall happy.

    Theres (quite) a few issues with Vs05 still, but i guess it will be fixed sooner or later.

    But something sadens me.

    I have a quite good machine. Its a dualcore C2D E6700, with 2gb of ram, 7900 GT OC, and a high-end soundcard from creative(x-fi).

    In xp, it ran FANTASTIC!

    But in Vista i have experienced quite a few glitches. Especially in games and when i play music. When i have heavy harddrive usage it doesnt make it any better. Actually it only makes the matter worse.
    When i zip out like a large file(2gb+) to the harddrive, while i listen to music, or play a 3D game(Not a game that takes alot of cpu/whatever), my computer becomes unusable.
    I still have at least 10% ram, and neither of my cores run at 100% load(Both cores run at 2.66ghz, which is really sweet!)

    In XP, i were able to run music, 3d game and several winzip's opening large files(Again, 2gb+), and i wouldnt notice.

    But this is not the case in vista, sadly.

    I guess the drivers is one of the reasons.
    Looking at creative and nvidia's site, the drivers is still beta drivers.
    The driver platform were supposed to be lots better now. And still, we see that after 4 months where vista have been RTM, they havent managed to optimize the drivers enough to take them out of beta.

    Im very happy about the stabillity of the system, which were a huge problem for me because of drivers(Xp x64).

    What happend to the dream of a glitch-fre experience? Maybe its time to re-visit the driver/experience team, and hear how they think it all turned out, what they heard from customeers, the hardware companies, and which things they are gonna change in the time to come, in order to reach the goal of a totally glitch-free experience?

    Again, im very happy about Vista itself. It do use alot of ram for superfetch etc(It uses 1gb of my 2gb on startup, but load-times is fantastic), and i hardly use 100% cpu time at any point.

    What your experience with Vista? Smiley