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View Thread: Current driver state in Vista and glitch-free experience?
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    The drivers have saddened me as well. ATI only reciently added OpenGL support, and while Vista recovers nicely after a GPU crash, it is still annoying. Creative's driver support has always been crappy, and I am surprised that it's taken this long for them to get their stuff in order. But I see it getting better as time goes on. Intel seemed to have been on the ball with their drivers from the start, even with their wireless offerings. Kudos to them.

    Aside from the games though, I do find it to be rather soild. I run the 64bit version with 4GB of RAM doing testing and evaluations in VMWare. Being able to run 5-6 virtual machines simultaneously with reasonable performance is just fantastic.

    I also notice that I rarely reboot as often. My laptop hibernates quickly, (much more so than XP) and my desktop rarely needs to restart for much.

    Oh, and the must debated UAC is justified in my mind. I installed the new game Supreme Commander, which played fine for a few days. Installed the released patch, and suddenly I'm being prompted to run a SecurROM Shell Extension signed by Sony. UAC prompted me asking if I wanted to give it rights, and I replied with a "hell no." On Windows XP, it would have run without my knowladge. Thanks Vista! Big Smile